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Cataract Surgery Update: Premium IOL
1. All of the following are names of current premium IOL’s except:
2. Laser assisted cataract surgery can correct some or all of the patient’s astigmatism at the time of cataract surgery.
3. Which of the following treatments is not used to help prepare the corneal surface for cataract surgery:
4. Your cataract evaluation on a new patient reveals they are wanting “perfect 20/20 vision after surgery at any cost.” This patient is an excellent candidate for a premium IOL.
5. Factors to consider in managing pre-op expectations include which of the following:
6. Post-operative course of treatment could involve any of the following except:
7. Important measurements of the eye for determining the intraocular lens power include all the following except:
8. Common postoperative findings from cataract surgery include which of the following:
9. Multifocal IOL implants can also correct astigmatism.
10. Common eye drops used in the post-operative course of cataract surgery include all the following except:

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